Example of a new Myspace page for Flax & Kale store

The reason why I decided to work on this case study, is that I love almost everything related to this brand. …

Hola Anush, me ha gustado mucho este post. Me parece que deja de una manera muy clara y concisa lo que es un chatbot y su estructura de comunicación.

Photo by Christina @ wocintechchat.com on Unsplash

Hola a todos los aspirantes a Product Manager, una vez más vengo para hablaros de algo que en mayor o menor medida, nos ha hecho dormir intranquilos a todos la noche anterior, las entrevistas.

Como aspirante a PM seas del background que seas, te habrá costado lo suyo aprender todo…

Hello everyone!

Today I am going to talk about the ATRESplayer amazon app. For those that might don’t know, Atresmedia is a very big media company here in Spain. They created lots of shows, they own TV channels, and so on. …

This is me at Antelope Island State Park in Utah

Since I learned a proper way to speak and write in English, I decided to publish almost every piece of paper in this language just to not lose my momentum and keep improving my way to convey my thoughts in English. …

Hello everyone! This post is for those that are starting as a PM and want to understand the basics or are new entrepreneurs. I am going to write everything very straight and clear, so you can understand the main idea about what OKRs are.

Firstly and most important, acknowledges. This…

Jorge Herna

Hello everyone! This is Jorge Herna, I am a Product Manager from Barcelona with over seven years of experience as a BDM.

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